Are hormones sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

Balancing our hormones as we age gets harder and harder.  Trying to maintain our weight or even losing weight gets harder when you throw in hormonal imbalances. 

One dynamic fat-burning duo – Leptin and Adiponectin – may be the culprit sabotaging your efforts. They actively control how your body makes, uses, and stores fat. 

Adiponectin is an anti-inflammatory molecule that helps you burn more fat and also reduces inflammation and cholesterol build-up in the arteries. 

Unfortunately, leptin is a pro-inflammatory molecule, which contributes to chronic inflammation in obesity. So when anti-inflammatory adiponectin is lower and pro-inflammatory leptin is higher, this helps to perpetuate chronic inflammation, which is a hallmark of obesity.

So what can you do? 

Ways to increase your adiponectin levels:

  1. Omega 3: Include foods rich in monounsaturated fasts e.g avocados, nuts, olives, olive oil – into your daily diet.
  2. Fiber: also helps stabilize blood sugar levels 
  3. Caffeine: organic coffee, or white or green tea
  4. Exercise: 30 mins of moderate exercise three times per week 

I’m excited to have a plant-based tool that offers an additional way to not only increase adiponectin levels by 115% but also help balance leptin levels through clinically validated ingredients. Click here for more information.

If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle sometimes, despite eating well and working out regularly, then this may be the missing piece for you.  

If you’re looking for strategies to implement to elevate your everyday wellness that focus less on counting and more on simple, sustainable lifelong habits., then check this previous post.

Til next time. 

Be well! 


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