Why eating well isn’t enough

“Just eat healthy & exercise.”

“I get everything I need from my food.”

If only it was that simple.

Despite our best intentions, lifestyle & environmental factors degrade our health. Between our soil being so depleted, and life being so busy, supplementation has become necessary to fill in the gaps in our daily diet. The need for proactive wellness with high-quality supplementation is becoming increasingly necessary but not all supplements are created equal. 

Did you know that traditional supplements have poor absorption and in some cases, less than ten percent of the vitamins in traditional tablets or capsules are absorbed by the body?

Knowing what to buy can be overwhelming so let me be your wellness sherpa. I’ll provide the support you need to make sense of the options so you can create your version of good health.

Take this quick wellness blueprint quiz to find out what’s missing from your daily wellness.

Reach out, I’m happy to make recommendations.

Until next time! 

Be Well! 


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