toxin in block letters

1 way to combat everyday Toxins

As a wellness consultant, I try my best to decrease the toxins in my life as well as those of my clients.  It can be overwhelming at times, given all the social media posts that basically make you feel like you should be hermetically sealed and not consume anything.  

One product in my toolbox that makes me feel better when I’m doom-scrolling is Vtox.  

It has key ingredients to help your major detox organs (liver, lungs, skin, kidneys & colon) do their job more efficiently and more effectively. It also eliminates heavy metals, assists in weight loss by removing fat cells that store toxins, and increases the body’s antioxidant capacity to fight every day outside environmental pollutants. 

Even clean wine and make-up have be to processed through these organs. 

It’s been my peace of mind in a world where you can only do so much to control what enters your body.  

If you’d like to know more, reach out and let me help make it easier to create the health that fits your life.